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Is it real…or am i dreaming

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Peering through the dusty window, I saw a girl. She seemed like she was crying but how could I tell it was a rainy night, all that was visible to me was the street lights and that little girl. The moon seemed to be right on top of the girl’s head as if it had been following here throughout the night. At first I didn’t know what to do. Should I just leave her there or try and find out if she is lost? I turned off the light and went to bed, but the question never let me sleep, who is that girl? I couldn’t stand it any longer I had to know who that girl was and what she was doing standing there in the dark, right in front of my house. I put my robe on and stepped on my front porch, but now there was no girl; instead there was a very bright white light at first I couldn’t look at the light but then when my eyes got I accustomed to the light I opened my eyes. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. That little girl, was the source of this bright light.; She was transforming in some way and her white hair was entwined all around her body like a silk robe. Suddenly the light disappeared; instead of a girl I saw a little white kitten. It seemed that her eyes were glowing different colors just like a rainbow. Curiosity filled my mind. Suddenly it seemed as if it was pulling me towards it and I no longer had power to control myself. I got closer to the cat and somehow I started to pick it up. A sound suddenly appeared in my head and it said “keep me, keep me, keep me….”  Was I going crazy, was this real, am I dreaming? It didn’t matter all I wanted to do was keep that kitten. It was mine, my baby, and no one was going to take it away from me. Somehow the next day I woke up with the little white kitten sleeping in front of my fire place, all I could do now was accept that it was a part of my life. Forever. I named it rainbow.  

My Two Day Cat!!

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This is a picture of my two day pet. If you’re thinking why I wrote my two day pet, well here’s the story. My sisters and I really wanted a pet cat and we got one from this guy in school. Roaa really liked it but I actually thought it’s too big and my mom and I wanted a kitten not a grown cat. We decided to give it back, but then my mom thought about it and then she said that well keep for a day and see if it gets used to us quickly or not. Then Roaa, the person with the whole idea of getting a cat found out something. Recently Roaa was coughing very heavily and when we took her to the doctor he said that she was allergic to cats or fur mainly. So we had to give the cat back to the guy and now we can’t have any cats. I’m little worried about this because we might have to get rid of our dogs in Egypt and if this happens I’m going to kill Roaa.

Rock Slide Destroys Shanty Town Homes In Cairo,Egypt

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Crowds search for victims of the rockslide, which buried a shanty town Saturday in Cairo.

On September 6, 2008 a huge rockslide occurred on the outskirts of the capital of Egypt. The Rockslide destroyed many shanty town homes killing hundreds of people. Some still believe there are survivors trapped under the huge boulders. The news says that at least 50 boulders fell from the mountain destroying 50 houses. This incident occurred in the holy month of Ramadan in morning when most of the town’s residents were sleeping. “My whole family is underneath the rock,” Anwar Ragab says he is one of the residents of the Shanty Town. “I don’t know what to do. I can’t do anything. I just want my children back.” Many people lost their entire families and their children from the Rockslide.


Letter From an Early Colonist

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To: Fox Family

From: Alexandra Fox

My dear parents,

            It has been a long time since I have written to you and I apologize for not keeping in touch for such a long period. I miss you all very much. My life has become very peaceful, and lonely without the joy, and laughter of my younger siblings back home. Daniel, William and John keep me company sometimes, but they have their own lives, and I am usually at home by myself. As much as I was happy that we left the punishments of the Church of England; I still wish that I was still home with all of you.

            At home I’m very lonely sometimes, but life in the colony can be very interesting. For the first time in my life I saw the American Indians. They seem like peaceful people and I don’t think they intend to do us any harm. The climate in the colony is also pretty healthy and we haven’t had many deaths since we came. Religion here is also pretty important and our daily life almost revolves around our religion. On Sundays we attend two ceremonies in church. Daniel decided to be a church member, but he still needs to perform a public test to see how strong his faith is. We are all happy for him. Also all my three brothers are now working in the fur trade. Daniel and William are soon to marry and John says he wants to adventure and make money before settling down.         

I think that the experiences that I went through in this journey helped me a lot. The long tedious voyage over seas thought me to be patient. I also helped many mothers take care of their children and calm them down during the time we were aboard. I am more responsible and independent now. I have to take care of the house hold, cook and sew clothes for my brothers. There is so much more expected of me here than at back home.

            Even though I wish I wasn’t here, I might as well make the best out of it. In the future, I might start thinking of getting married. Many couples here hope for many children, and big families. In addition I think I may want to have many children. Children whose parents die get adopted quickly because relatives need children to help them in the farms. Moreover in the future I hope I will be happier than I am right now.                                                                                                                     Your Beloved Daughter,

                                                                                                         Alexandra Fox


“If you could meet any famous person who is alive today, who would you pick and why?”

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If I could meet any famous person who is alive I would chose to meet Ahmed Zewail. Ahmed Zewail is the winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his studies of the transition states of chemical reactions using femto second spectroscopy. Zewail was born February 26, 1946 in Damanhur, Egypt. Ahmed Zewail is one of those people who make me proud to be an Egyptian. He to me is like a symbol of success and achieving your dreams. Even though it’s not my dream to be a scientist or chemist, I still wish I could meet Ahmed Zewail. I want to be able to ask him how he achieved his goal, what his motivation was and what helped him to become who he is now. Another question I would love to ask him is what any average teenager like me could do to reach his or her goal in life. Even though there are many actors, singers and other people I would love to meet I chose Ahmed Zewail because I would love to achieve as much success as he has through out my life.








Similarities and differences in the Religious Role between the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia

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There are many religious similarities between the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia, even though the MBC was Christian and Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. One of these similarities is that many people in the MBC like in Saudi Arabia believed that a woman had three main duties in her life the first one was to obey her husband, the second one is to have children and the last one is to run the household. A woman is not supposed to have an important role in politics or anything that is a man’s job. Men also played the most important roles making money bringing food and working in the fields. In Saudi Arabia there are no fields to work on but the Men still do all the work. Another similarity is that the parents were the ones who chose the children’s life partner. There was no dating and in Saudi Arabia they still believe in this. The last similarity is that all families believed in having many children. Maybe now not every one believes in having many children, but in Saudi Arabia a man’s wealth consists of his money and how many children he has. Like all the similarities there are also many differences between the MBC and Saudi Arabia. For example in MBC people could vote on their leader and that leader helps them decide on all the laws, but in Saudi Arabia the King Rules and they follow the sharia’a (the Islamic laws). Another difference that is pretty interesting in Saudi Arabia the sharia’a allows every man to marry maximum four women, but in the Massachusetts Bay Colony a man was only allowed one wife. The most important difference between the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia is that is that Saudi Arabia is Muslim and they follow all Islamic rules. While the MBC was Christian and they followed Christian rules plus the laws the governor and the people make.